Alison Clarke -Sargent Hypnotherapist




A subject that became of great interest after suffering a traumatic birth with her second child.  The process that Easibirthing offers, just makes so much sense for the childbirth process to be the wonderful experience that it is meant to be and not the traumatic painful experience that puts you off having more children.  Alison can offer her services to Midwifes and Mums to be, via workshops and classes.  Private appointments are available at Wakehams Wellbeing, were we provide many other therapies  including Pregnancy Massage, to aid you towards that relaxed calm state ready for the birth.  The preparation for birth is accomplished through instillation of self-determination and confidence in the womans ability to work together with nature.


It is simply a way of releasing some of the unhelpful and debilitating beliefs and assumptions that we have acquired on our journey through life.

The benefits of using Hypnosis for childbirth using fewer or no drugs reduces the risk of side effects for both mother and baby.  Shorter labours due to the resistance of the birthing muscles as a response to pain is minimised or even eliminated.  Due to the relaxation through the birthing process the mother would be more alert and calm creating a more peaceful birthing environment.  This would require fewer interventions and complications during the labour process.  Even breech and posterior babies

can be turned using hypnosis.


This in turn relieves the hefty work load of the midwives resulting in a more stress free working environment, allowing nature to take its course.  This can result in higher targets being met and reducing the proportions of Inductions, Caesarean and instrumental delivery percentages and raise the figures in not only local but the national UK average in Normal birth rates.


Childbirth has the potential to be the most amazing experience of a woman's life.  

Experiences, attitudes and fears can often determine the outcome of this experience.

In our culture childbirth is seen as a medical condition and as an ordeal.  In other cultures it is

seen as a natural, normal event in a woman's life, in which they are supported by other women, allowing children to often witness the event.  This helps them to grow up with the view of childbirth

as a positive and celebrated event.  

In our culture it is revered as an agonizing event, we are socially conditioned to face the event

with fear and trepidation.  So the fears have been born from social conditioning.

Where did it all go so wrong?

“No other natural bodily function is painful and childbirth should not be an exception”

“The missing ingredient in easy comfortable births is fear”



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